We serve as general counsel to numerous small businesses and nonprofit organizations. We are often asked to attend their Board of Directors' meeting and help prepare their corporate resolutions and other documents. A board of directors can decide to write up a resolution for most any reason they choose. Resolutions are often written for the following reasons:

* To document that a new member of the board was voted in
* To record a major decision made or policy adopted at a board meeting
* To document a decision made by the shareholders of a corporation
* When a small business wants to hire new employees
* When a company wishes to sell shares in the corporation
* When a nonprofit organization wants to delegate funds to a certain project
* When an organization wants to enter into a relationship with a bank, the bank will often require a banking resolution for its file to show who's authorized to sign for bank accounts

If your small business or nonprofit organization needs help with preparing its corporate resolutions, give us a call at 253.858.5434 to see how we can help.