Not everybody wants to get married. But just like spouses, people in long-term committed relationships want to make sure that when they die, their surviving partner is taken care of. When you die without a Will, the law gives your estate to your next-of-kin, which sometimes isn't necessarily what we want to have happen. A well-drafted Will gives your estate to the person you want to share it with and directs who is to be put in charge of administering your estate, which is especially important for unmarried partners. It's even more important for unmarried couples who own property together, like a house or a business. And a well-drafted Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney will appoint the person you want to take care of you in the event you are unable to take care of yourself, either because of age, illness, or injury, which again, is especially important for unmarried couples because they aren't necessarily afforded the same rights as spouses.

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