Legal services related to estate planning and probate are a substantial part of our practice. This can include:

* Consultation regarding the manner in which clients wish to transfer their property to their families or charitable beneficiaries;
* Estimates of the tax consequences of implementing clients’ goals and advice regarding alternative methods by which those goals may be carried out;
* Preparation of documents necessary to implement clients’ plans, including Wills, trust agreements, powers of attorney, “living wills,” and other documents that may be required; and
* Supervision of execution of documents and implementation of clients’ plans.

Our relationships with our estate planning clients do not just end after the estate plan has been put in to place. After our clients’ estate planning documents have been signed, we are pleased to respond at any time thereafter to their request that we review their estate plans, or the then-applicable estate tax provisions and other relevant laws, for the purpose of determining whether we would suggest any changes. In fact, we recommend that clients consult us for that purpose at least once every three or four years or whenever their circumstances change in any material way.

If you have questions about preparing an estate plan, give us a call at 253.858.5434 to set up an appointment. We proudly serve clients throughout Washington and Idaho and are available to meet in person, by phone, or via Skype or FaceTime.