We represent a a number of churches and a couple church associations. Sometimes, people forget that churches have legal issues too and often need an experienced attorney to represent them. In the past several years, we have assisted our church clients with:

* Formation and governance of their nonprofit corporation;
* Purchases and sales of church properties;
* Training of Boards of Directors;
* Drafting corporate resolutions;
* Risk management;
* Charitable and planned giving rules;
* First Amendment issues;
* Insurance coverage considerations;
* Parsonage and housing allowance issues;
* Release and consent forms and waivers;
* Employment and volunteer policies and handbooks;
* Zoning and eminent domain issues;
* Leasing church property to other organizations;
* Deeds, liens, and construction contracts;
* Pastoral and staff misconduct;
* Finance;
* Daycare and children's ministries policies and handbooks; and
* Tax exemptions.

If your church is facing legal issues and is in need of legal advice, give us a call at 253.858.5434 to see how we can help.