The traditional litigation process which ends with a jury trial is an important means of resolving disputes and, for many cases, may be the appropriate alternative. In other cases, however, litigation may be less desirable because of the cost, delay, publicity, and lack of control over the outcome. We can achieve favorable outcomes for our clients who would be better served if their case were resolved outside the courtroom. Some of the more common alternatives to the traditional litigation process include:

* Arbitration (involves the selection of one or more neutral third parties who render a binding decision following the presentation of evidence; may be compelled by court rule or by agreement of the parties, who typically share the expense)

* Mediation (involves the use of a skilled neutral third party who does not have the power to impose a solution, but assists the parties in arriving at their own confidential solution; parties retain ultimate control over the process and the resolution that may occur)

* Negotiation (involves negotiation between the parties, with the assistance of their respective attorneys; the most widely used form of alternative resolution, with more than 90% of all disputes, both civil and criminal, resolved before trial)

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