Auto collisions are traumatic - particularly when someone else is to blame. You have the shock of the crash itself, but may also be left with serious injuries and a damaged or destroyed vehicle. We can help you deal with the aftermath and get you the compensation you deserve. When victims of auto collisions hire us to represent them, we can:

* Look at the evidence surrounding the collision, review police reports, and interview witnesses;

* Assess the total cost of your collis...ion, including medical treatment, lost wages, the cost to repair or replace your car, as well as pain and suffering and other "general damages;"

* Talk to the other driver's lawyer or the driver's insurance company in an effort to negotiate a settlement;

* File a lawsuit against the other driver if a settlement can't be reached; and

* Represent you in court.

There are several reasons to hire a lawyer, rather than trying to represent yourself. We have experience handling personal injury cases and know the laws regarding auto collision and injuries. We understand how to value your claim and are comfortable negotiating a settlement or representing you in court. Perhaps the biggest benefit: When you're represented by counsel, the other side can take you and your claim more seriously.

If you or a member of your family, friend, neighbor, or co-worker, has been injured in an auto collision and needs legal help, give us a call at 253.858.5434 for a free initial consultation.