Life is complicated and can sometimes be difficult. Say you own a business, maybe by yourself or maybe with a partner or two. There are contracts, governance issues, leases, employment issues, etc. that are all part of owning a business. And say you want to have a succession plan in place so that your children and grandchildren can be involved and take over the business someday. But maybe you've got a kid who has special needs or might be dealing with some circumstance that makes leaving them substantial property or money inappropriate. And say you want to make charitable giving part of your family's legacy as part of your estate plan. And say you and your partner live together and aren't married, but you own property together. And maybe you both have kids from previous relationships and you want to make sure your partner is taken care of, while simultaneously taking care of your children. All of those legal issues are related. And we can help. We have been representing and advising individuals and families in these situations for over 22 years. We want to be your family's lawyers. Give us a call at 253.858.5434 to find out how we can be of service.