If you get in an auto collision, you may walk away from it with only minor pain or your injuries may be obvious. However, some serious issues requiring specialty care and therapy may only manifest in the days or weeks following the crash. For instance, you may suffer from back or shoulder pain that requires chiropractic care or physical therapy. It's to your benefit to take any collision seriously, and get completely checked out by a medical professional. If you don't seek adequate medical services, you leave yourself vulnerable to further pain and risk that the insurance companies will use it against you down the road. Your case may be weakened, and your compensation for damages may be less.

We all know the major things to do after a collision; take pictures, exchange insurance information, call the police and get a statement on the record, and so on. But documenting the crash only begins on the scene. To be reimbursed by your insurance company, you must carefully document your interactions with doctors, including any diagnosis or referrals for specialty care. To document who was at-fault, you'll need copies of the police report and witness accounts. We can help you track down all of this paperwork and organize it for the insurance company.

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