We provide services associated with commercial real estate transactions. Commercial real estate law may be complex, in that transactions are impacted by statutory limitations and requirements, contractual provisions, and often local or county restrictions or procedures as well. If you’re not familiar with the intricacies of commercial real estate law, it’s very easy to make a misstep or overlook a requirement. Fortunately, we are experienced in managing the complexities of commercial real estate transactions.

PURCHASE & SALE AGREEMENTS. The purchase and sale agreement forms the foundation of any real estate transaction. A well-constructed agreement that is clear and complete will allow the parties to avoid most questions and conflicts that might arise later in the transaction or after completion, whereas relying on a form agreement or attempting to adapt from a past transaction can leave gaps, create confusion, or even fail to fulfill legal requirements.

Each party to the transaction should be represented by their own lawyer so that the agreement can be fully negotiated and reviewed for the protection of both the buyer and the seller, reviewed on behalf of each party and thoroughly explained.

COMMERICAL REAL ESTATE CONTRACTS. There is a growing tendency toward self-help in the legal arena, particularly when it comes to matters like drafting contracts. Maybe you’ve purchased or sold commercial real estate before, and have a similar contract on hand. Or maybe you’ve found a place to download a template contract, or a service that will allow you to fill in certain details and will spit out a completed contract for a relatively low price. Unless you have extensive knowledge of the intricacies of real estate law, attempting to create a commercial real estate contract on your own is very risky. An experienced lawyer doesn’t just fill in the blanks–they anticipate issues you may not have considered, ask questions and advise you as to provisions that should be included in or removed from the lease and exactly what those provisions mean for you.

PARTNERSHIPS AND OPERATING AGREEMENTS. When you’re entering into a partnership to develop real estate or otherwise operating commercial real estate, it’s imperative that you consider and enter into an agreement with regard to every possible eventuality. But, every venture is different, and it can be difficult to account for all possible outcomes. We have the experience necessary to ensure that your partnership or operating agreement fully protects your interests, and that you understand your rights and obligations under the agreement before your project gets underway.

A commercial real estate transaction can be a minefield. Local, state, and federal laws may come into play, along with complex contractual terms and the need to provide for multiple possible contingencies. Anyone entering into a commercial transaction, whether that transaction involves the sale of real estate, the purchase of foreclosure properties, the transfer of a real estate portfolio, or some other aspect, should have an experienced lawyer on the team.

Don’t take chances with something as costly and significant as a commercial real estate transaction. We are here to offer you support and expertise, to ensure that your transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible, and that your interests are protected. Give us a call at 253.858.5434 to see how we can work together to make your transaction a success!