Musicians need lawyers too! When should you consider consulting an attorney?

* You need a contract with a manager, booking agent, or producer;
* You need to formalize your internal band agreement (e.g., expenses, song splits, voting rights);
* You receive an offer for use of your song(s) in a film, commercial, videogame, app, etc. and need a licensing agreement;
* You need to register your copyrights (songs, recordings) or trademarks (band name, logo);
* You want to form your own publishing company;
* You need help affiliating with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or SoundExchange;
* You find out someone is using the same band name;
* You discover that someone is using your song without permission;
* You want to record a cover of someone else's song;
* You need an exit agreement with a band member who is fired or quits;
* You have a record label interested in signing you or your band;
* You want to use someone else's music on your website or in a video;
* You co-wrote a song and want to establish your rights to freely exploit the song;
* You teach music lessons and need a services contract with your students;
* You perform at private functions and need a performance contract;
* You are running a festival and need contracts with the performers;
* You want to perform or shoot a video on someone's property; or
* You commissioned artwork for your album cover or merch and need to make sure you have all the rights you need to use the artwork.

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