Washington and Idaho law both allow you to incorporate what is commonly called a “gift list” into your Will. Once your Will references this gift list, you can create or change this list at anytime in the future. In making this list, you can give specific items of tangible personal property upon your death without having to name these items or the recipient in your Will. Examples of “tangible” personal property are: clothes, jewelry, household furnishings, sporting equipment, art objects, automobiles, pleasure boats, etc. “Tangible” personal property does not include real estate or “intangible” personal property such as savings or checking accounts, stocks, bonds, etc. For your list to be effective, it must be in your handwriting or signed by you. Your list must describe “with reasonable certainty” each item listed and to whom each item is to be given. If you prepare such a list, make sure it is dated so that it can be determined when your list was prepared. If more than one list is found, the most recently prepared list will govern. You should keep the most recent list with the copy of your Will.

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