When you've been appointed Personal Representative of an Estate, one of your jobs is to prepare an Estate Inventory & Appraisement. The Inventory must be prepared within 90 days after the date of your appointment and a copy must be made available to any heir, distributee, unpaid creditor who has filed a claim, some beneficiaries of nonprobate assets, or the Dept. of Revenue within 10 days of their requesting a copy. The Estate's lawyer will usually prepare the final draft of the Inventory in a form acceptable to the Court. The Inventory does not need to be filed with the Court unless so requested by an interested party. The law requires that the assets in the inventory be categorized as follows: (1) Real Estate; (2) Stocks & Bonds; (3) Mortgages, notes, and other written evidences of debt owed to the decedent; (4) Bank accounts and money; (5) Furniture and household goods; and (6) All other personal property.

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