Probate is essentially the legal method in which someone, often called the “Executor” or "Personal Representative," is appointed to deal with the courts, taxing authorities, property and stock brokers, banks and other creditors, appraisers, and lawyers. The Personal Representative’s job is to dispose of the estate in a manner that best fulfills the testator’s intent: paying the testator’s taxes and lawful debts, making certain that bequests are paid, disposing of real or personal property, establishing trust funds for specific purposes, and preserving the estate’s value to the greatest possible degree.

The Personal Representative is tasked with probating a Will in accordance with the testator's wishes and design, notifying all applicable parties of the estate distribution, determining the assets of the estate, and distributing the estate in accordance with the wishes of the testator and all applicable law. If no Will is available, then the Personal Representative is tasked with handling the affairs of the estate in accordance with state laws of intestacy.

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