We handle all of the legal needs for clients in the hospitality industry. We understand the nuances of starting a restaurant or bar. We start with business plan review and drafting subscription agreements to help you raise money, we then move on to forming a company and drafting partnership agreements to seal the deal, and then we review and negotiate a solid lease so you can get your place up and running. We will also make sure that all of your licensing is in order prior to opening for business. Additionally, you must make sure that your licenses, once obtained, are up to date, remain in good standing, and have been amended if necessary. We can assist you in obtaining a liquor license, health department permit, and any other permits or licenses issued by the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board, Department of Revenue, your county Health Department, or other county or city licensing agencies. We will make sure that you are protected and we will give you the best chance to open and run a successful bar or restaurant.

Once your company has been formed, perhaps the most crucial document in your company must be drafted. For corporations, this is the “shareholder agreement” and for LLCs it's the “operating agreement.” These documents are the agreement between you and your partners and will govern your rights and responsibilities as you move forward with your business. No matter who you go into business with, whether it’s your best friend, spouse, or coworker, it is absolutely imperative that you take the time to have a lawyer draw up this agreement. We will ensure that the agreement will address specific issues relevant to the bar and restaurant industry so that in the event that an issue arises, you can turn to the agreement for direct answers.

And then during the course of your business, you will be required to sign a variety of contracts and may wish to draw up your own. We have experience reviewing, negotiating, and drafting all types of contracts including chef and general manager employment agreements, vendor contracts, and anything else that you may want to memorialize in a contract.

If you're a bar or restaurant owner, or are looking to open a new place or buy an existing one, give us a call at 253.858.5434 to see how we can help you.