Neck and back injuries are the most common types of injuries that happen in auto collisions. For example, in a rear-end collision, the victim’s head is often jerked back and forth rapidly. This sometimes forces the muscles in the neck and back to over stretch and cause severe swelling and pain. Although most strain and sprain injuries can be resolved with physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, a small percentage of these injuries produce chronic neck and/or back pain.

A serious neck or back injury can also involve the disks in your spinal column. The disks in your spine are plate-like structures found between the vertebrae in your back and neck. If one or more of these disks are herniated or ruptured, it can put extreme pressure on the spinal nerve roots and cause significant pain.

Typically, an MRI, CT scan, or other advanced imaging technology is performed to identify any potential disk damage (bulging, herniated or ruptured) or an x-ray to disclose possible fractures. However, connective tissue injuries (sometimes called "soft tissue injuries") to the neck and back often are not disclosed by any form of imaging. As a result, recovering reasonable damages for connective tissue injuries is usually more difficult because of the absence of indisputable test results.
Neck and back injuries are often debilitating, and could require expensive surgery, follow-up medical care and physical therapy.

Do not accept any offer from an insurance company before you speak with a lawyer. Many large insurance companies have adopted settlement policies that encourage their adjusters to offer quick payments to persons involved in a collision. Insurance adjusters will contact you or your family shortly after a wreck to try to gain your confidence. In doing so, insurance adjusters often try to present themselves as the friend of the injured person or the family of the person who was killed in an collision. The goal of such contact is to settle the case on terms as favorable as possible for the insurance company.

Please remember that it is crucial to act swiftly after you’ve been injured. The sooner you involve a lawyer, the better we will be able to preserve evidence, gather essential witnesses, and address any other important factors.

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