When we meet with a new client who's been named to administer someone's estate, it is helpful to obtain and review certain information and documents. Therefore, we ask the new client to locate and bring the following original documents to our office:

* Community Property Agreement or other agreement as to the status of the decedent's property;
* Will;
* Trusts, revocable or otherwise, created by or benefiting the decedent;
* Personal property gift lists;
* Prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements;
* Divorce decrees (or the date and jurisdiction in which the divorce was obtained);
* Death certificate;
* Addresses of heirs, and beneficiaries;
* A rough estimate of the decedent's assets and their value; and
* A rough estimate of the decedent's liabilities.

If you have been named Executor of someone's estate and have questions about the probate process or administration of an estate, give us call at 253.858.5434 to set up an appointment today.